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Exit Offer Public Announcement - Jansatta (Hindi)
Exit Offer Public Announcement - Financial Express (English)
Exit Offer Public Announcement - Ek Din (Bengali)
Reg-47-Newspaper Publication
Post Offer Public Announcement - Ekdin (Bengali)
Post Offer Public Announcement - Financial Express (English)
Post Offer Public Announcement - Jansatta (Hindi)
Corrigendum to Public Announcement - Ekdin (Bengali)
Corrigendum to Public Announcement - Financial Express (English)
Corrigendum to Public Announcement - Jansatta (Hindi)
Public Announcement - Ekdin (Bengali)
Public Announcement - Financial Express (English)
Public Announcement - Jansatta (Hindi)
Reg-47(1)(a)-Notice of BM-1920-Q3
Reg-47(1)(b)-Notice of BM-1920-Q3
Reg-47(1)(a)-Notice of BM-1718-Q1
Reg-47(1)(a)-Notice of BM-1718-Q2
Reg-47(1)(a)-Notice of BM-1718-Q3
Reg-47(1)(a)-Notice of BM-1718-Q4
Reg-47(1)(a)-Notice of BM-1819-Q1
Reg-47(1)(a)-Notice of BM-1819-Q2
Reg-47(1)(a)-Notice of BM-1819-Q3
Reg-47(1)(a)-Notice of BM-1819-Q4
Reg-47(1)(a)-Notice of BM-1920-Q1
Reg-47(1)(a)-Notice of BM-1920-Q2
Reg-47(1)(b)-Financial Results-1718-Q1.pdf
Reg-47(1)(b)-Financial Results-1718-Q2
Reg-47(1)(b)-Financial Results-1718-Q3
Reg-47(1)(b)-Financial Results-1718-Q4
Reg-47(1)(b)-Financial Results-1819-Q1
Reg-47(1)(b)-Financial Results-1819-Q2
Reg-47(1)(b)-Financial Results-1819-Q3
Reg-47(1)(b)-Financial Results-1819-Q4
Reg-47(1)(b)-Financial Results-1920-Q1
Reg-47(1)(b)-Financial Results-1920-Q2
Reg-47(1)(d)-Notice of 53th AGM-1718-19.09.2017
Reg-47(1)(d)-Notice of 54th AGM-1819-26.09.2018
Reg-47(1)(d)-Notice of 55th AGM-1819-25.09.2019